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Resolve Conflicts with Head2Head Conflict Management SpecialistsUnmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organisations today, and the least recognised.“ (Dan Dana 1988).


Are conflicting personalities causing tension in your workplace? Troublesome team member making life unpleasant for the team? Not sure what your rights and responsibilities as an employer are? Or looking for advice about how to get the team back on track?


Unresolved Conflict Management in the workplace is the result of differing values, work styles, perceptions of a situation or problem, or two people just simply not getting along. Unresolved conflict creates tension, confusion, delays, missed deadlines and a lack of communication.

From an organisational perspective it results in low morale, absenteeism and lost productivity. For the individual it creates stress and anxiety and often leads to divisions of loyalty, disruption, and even sabotage.

Whenever two or more people need to work together there is a potential for conflict. Organisations often struggle to deal with conflict management and lack the resources for adequate resolution. Too often managers avoid conflict situations hoping the problem will just go away – and allow small conflicts to turn into big conflicts.

Head2Head HR are the conflict management specialists. We provide workable solutions to seemingly unworkable situations. We can help with:

• Mediation and counselling to resolve immediate issues.
• Role clarification and performance management to ensure long-term conflict resolution.
• Management training to help prevent future conflicts from arising.

We can work on specific identified issues, provide on-call as-required advice or provide you with a regular ongoing HR support service without the overheads involved in hiring an in-house team.

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